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William Laws Calley Jr. (born June 8, 1943) is a former United States Army officer convicted by court-martial of murdering 22 unarmed South Vietnamese civilians in the My Lai Massacre on March 16, 1968, during the Vietnam War.A member of the Republican Party, Calley served as a member of the.

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The only person found guilty, Second Lieutenant William Calley, was convicted on September 10, 1971, of premeditated.You deliberations on this question do not focus on Lieutenant Calley and the manner in which he perceived the legality of the.William Calley was convicted for his role in leading the 1968 massacre of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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William Calley, entered the village poised for engagement with their elusive enemy.Lieutenant William Calley Lt Calley ordered the soldiers in his platoon to round up villagers and shoot them.

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William Calley, he did so selectively, in a way that portrayed the Charlie Company as merciless and.Story taken from a News wire on Calley Finally Apologizes For Mai lai August 24, 2009 Columbus Ledger-Enquirer COLUMBUS,.

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Followed immediate orders from superior Captain Earnest Medina and on March 16 1968 My Lai massacre occurred killing 500 civilians. (Calley) was found guilty of killing 22 villagers Results Thirteen months later April 1969 Ron Ridenhour sent a letter to president.

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Lt. Gov. Brian Calley signed a letter for Michigan to opt-in to the First Responder Network Authority, known as FirstNet, bringing an advanced wireless broadband.When he appeared in court his skin had the pallid softness of a man who has seen little sunlight.

The attorney general and lt. governor have each raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for potential gubernatorial runs.

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When Calley and his company first arrived in Vietnam, they saw little action and spent most of their time around Vietnamese villages.

Comment on impact of Calley trial; US, in convicting Calley in midwar, breaks with historical tradition that war crimes trials are business of victors...

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Lieutenant Calley to use the prisoners in the mine fields, but denied ordering them slain.) It was a common practice among some American units to.William Calley Bio STUDY PLAY Birthday and location June 8th 1943 in Miami, Florida Father US Navy Veteran of WWII Childhood Graduated from Miami Edison High-school.Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, who is running for governor, recently announced that he will lead a ballot initiative campaign to switch the Michigan Legislature.

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William Laws Calley (William Laws Calley, Jr.) (born June 8, 1943) is a convicted American war criminal.Assigned company c 1st battalion 20th infantry regiment 11th infantry brigade.The man responsible for one of the most notorious crimes by U.S. troops during the Vietnam War, William Calley, has apologized for the My Lai Massacre.

Though only Lieutenant Calley was found guilty of wrongdoing by a military court,.Calley used a conference of political and business leaders this week to roll out a government reform agenda.March 4, 1971, Vol. XVI, No. 9 The good lieutenant Calley By Lucian K. Truscott.