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For investors it is crucial to have the feeling whether the value of the most known cryptocurrecy.This is not a trade call but my personal short term forecast for bitcoin which is mainly based on analysis of waves and structures of this instrument.The bitcoin prices continued to move lower in what can be viewed. they look very weak and are looking to move even lower in the short term. Forecast.

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S3052 also posts his prognostications on the blog at which is getting some great feedback from followers.If you want to follow our take on the precious metals market, including when to buy, which mining stocks are the most undervalued and when to take profits off the table, sign up for the premium membership.Overall, our forecast from the past updates is well on track.This imply that the best trading strategy for the short term is to.The latest volatile shift in Bitcoin saw the digital token hitting a fresh high before slumping nearly 20% as profit-taking.

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The last two advances propelled the gold price up 4X and 2.3X, respectively.

Gold had a strong year in 2016 and we expect an even stronger advance in 2017.Weekly Top Forecast. This is why i do not recommend to use standard bollinger bands with bitcoin on a long term chart,. for a short term trader,.I just started my membership at It will take some time until I can start my own thread.As long as prices do not close below this level, we are in a longterm uptrend. 2. Short term update After the breakout that went even beyond 0.17 (to around 0.20), the 0.17 level becomes short term support.The bitcoin price is the most discussed aspect about bitcoin.Our near-term price forecast for Bitcoin is for it to skyrocket before 2016 is over,.Aggregating Bitcoin price predictions for 2016 shows a bullish forecast.

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As we are making all time highs almost every day, and as we do not have long-term price history in BTC, there is still a lot of upside, and it is difficult (and dangerous) to try picking the top.

Now that this gets regular, I am almost feeling guilty that I went out for dinner and just got back late. (unfortunately they did not take BTC).The short term forecaster issues Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs) for the several airports in our County.

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A Load of Bull: Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2016. the context of long term market.

But as long as this level holds, we are still fundamentally in a rally. 2. Short term update After the breakout to just under 0.20, the 0.173 level is now short term support.A new bitcoin investment fund launched last week in the US is part of a wider strategy that includes a planned effort to offer institutional investors a way to short.Short-term traders can bet their money on short-term price moves of bitcoin ETF units and.Hello, surfing the internet I found this site that predicts the value of bitcoin in the short term, the successes in the predictions are amazing.You will get instant access to the GSB portfolio, our top stock picks, the monthly contrarian newsletter and weekly trade alerts.

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This is a trial to explore...Look how prices turned down at 0.108 today as they touched the downward sloping triangle line.It will stay the same only if the actual volume of the economy is larger.

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Perhaps BTC exchangers should provide volume data in their other currencies.

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Please note that short-term gold price forecasts are very unreliable in a market that is so heavily leveraged and manipulated.Hence, as long as prices do not break below 0.06, we are in a longterm uptrend. (no change from the previous 2 updates).Hence, as long as prices do not break below 0.06, we are in a longterm uptrend. 2. Short term update The short term triangle (green converging lines in chart) is continuing to form.